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Thursday , June 3 , 2010
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Do you love a challenge? Are you game for a quiz anywhere, anytime? Does participating and winning competitions keep you motivated? If you have been nodding your head vigorously to all this, then take a minute and click on This site will keep you updated on all the latest competitions happening across India and abroad.

Dare2compete is most suited for management students as they can find information about competitions taking place in various B-schools under one umbrella. To support these events the site has collaborated with 43 top B-schools in India. The portal also has updates on competitions in international B-schools. The site also offers online quizzes. What’s more, Dare2compete is not only about competitions, but also B-school news, videos and services to help you learn and practice consulting skills.

Though the home page is choc-a-block with event alerts, updates, quizzes and ads, the site is easy to navigate. In the contests section you may find a particular competition highlighted — this is basically an upcoming or ongoing contest that has been selected for special focus by the site. The other contests are listed below this section. Here you can view information on the latest competitions, keep a tab on their deadlines and also learn about upcoming contests.

I found some unique competitions on this space. For instance, a product marketing contest where you become the brand manager of a product for one day, a Beat Waste Startup Challenge involving innovative solutions for waste management, and a supply chain simulation game among others. This is quite an interesting line-up and going by the tagline of the site that reads “ignite the spirit of competitiveness”, it does spark that craze for contests.

Besides contests, you can try your hand at the online quizzes. These are posted by various institutes and organisations and are open to management students as well as corporate professionals and undergraduates. You can participate as an individual or a team. The solutions can be seen immediately after the quiz and the results can be viewed online about 24 hours after the event. As part of the collaborations with B-schools, there are quizzes listed from some of the top institutes and they seem to be attracting participants in large numbers. This also provides a common platform for students and institutes to reach out to each other.

If you are a management student, check out the “B-school news” and “classroom” sections. The “classroom” is where you can learn about cracking problems and conceptualising solutions to cases. It is divided into “cracking the case” and “framework”. The former lists a step-by-step approach to various management solutions and has four categories — marketing, operations, human resources and strategies. The topics include product relaunch strategy, organisational changes, brand strategy, firm competitive position and analysis. However, the Framework section seems to be still under construction as it shows no data.

Dare2compete also has a good collection of videos on several management concepts. The videos load fast and offer many interesting views. Yet another important feature of the site is its module on education consulting offered in partnership with ZENeSYS. Enrolling for ZENeSYS programmes will help you work on live consulting assignments and learn the practical aspects of consulting. There is also a three-day free trial on offer.

As the site is still in beta version, here are some suggestions for the makers. The site design and presentation is quite simple and nothing to write home about. The biggest attraction of Dare2compete is its listing of contest alerts. The other sections, however, need a redo.

The classroom segment, for instance, looks quite drab and can be made much more interactive and innovative. Though the concept of the quiz section is unique, the last quiz listed is almost three months old. Some parts of Dare2compete still seem to be under construction as there is no data on the relevant pages. The site certainly has an interesting concept that would bring in visitors but it will need to innovate more to sustain the interest in the long term.

For now it’s doing good, sparking the competitive streak in the youth in India. For regular updates, join Dare2compete on Twitter and Facebook.

Tessy Koshy

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