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A six-year-old boy ran up and down the supermarket aisles shouting

Boy: Martian! Martian!

Mother: You shouldn’t call me Martian, you know. I am your mother after all.

Boy: I know that but the store is full of mothers!

Gaurab Lohia, Class V, D.P.S., Ruby Park, Calcutta


Mother: How much did you get in your maths test?

Son: Zero

Mother: Zero! But why? Didn’t you know the answers?

Son: I knew everything but I thought that I might make many silly mistakes, so I submitted a blank paper.

Riddhi Ghosal, Class VII, St Patrick’s H.S. School, Asansol, West Bengal


Teacher: What are the people of Turkey called?

Rohan: Turks.

Teacher: What are the people of Germany called?

Rohan: Germs.

Shouvik Paul, Class V, D.A.V. Model School, Kharagpur, West Bengal


Raju: Rajesh, which is the best gift you got on your birthday?

Rajesh: The trumpet.

Raju: What’s so special about it?

Rajesh: My mother gives me Rs 10 a day for not playing it.

Hritaban Das Ghosh, Class VI, National Gems Higher Secondary School, Calcutta


Teacher: Can you tell me what happened in 1947?

Student: India got her freedom.

Teacher: Good. Now, can you tell me what happened in 1948?

Student: (after a pause) My grandfather was born.

Anisha Das, Class VIII, St Thomas’ Girls’ School, Calcutta


Question: A man had two cats. He named one of them One and the other Two. Why?

Answer: Because if One got lost, he would still have Two.

Baibhav Chhetri, Class III, St Xavier’s School, Siliguri, West Bengal


Judge: How did you enter the house? It was locked!

Thief: I broke the lock.

Judge: Why?

Thief: I did not find the key!

Mihyam Hasan, Class V, St Xavier’s School, Burdwan,West Bengal


Pappu and his wife buy coffee in a coffee shop.

Pappu: Drink the coffee quickly.

Wife: Why?

Pappu: Because hot coffee costs Rs 5 and cold coffee Rs 10.

Harsh Agarwal, Class VIII, Don Bosco School, Siliguri, West Bengal


Gardener: There is a bomb in my garden!

Police: Keep it till it is claimed.

Tulit Pal, Class VIII, La Martiniere for Boys, Calcutta


Swastik: Grandpa, your hair is white. How come your moustache is black?

Grandpa: My moustache is 25 years younger than the hair on my head.

Aditya Pradhan, Class VIII, Khalsa High School, Calcutta

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