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Sunday , January 31 , 2010
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Some like it hot
Geologist Vijay Kumar Raina doesn’t really relish the fame that has come his way these days. It makes this 76-year-old mild-mannered scientist rather uncomfortable. Raina, who retired as the deputy director general of the Calcutta-based Geologic...  | Read.. 
Death be not proud
Every time Lisa Ray undergoes chemotherapy, there is a collective sigh of pain from the four ends of the earth. The actress ...  | Read.. 
Up, up and away
The world of pensioner H.R. Sharma is far removed from that of Abdul, a tailor who sits outside the MIG flats in New Delhi ...  | Read.. 
No bikinis please, we’re rapists
The nine-year-old girl prances about in her lawyer’s sprawling office. Dressed in a pink-and-white skirt and top, Helena ...  | Read.. 
Hillary’s annus horribilis
The brave face she put on for Michelle notwithstanding, Hillary was not a happy woman in the summer of 2008. The past haunted ...  | Read.. 
Time off, for Kajol
celebrity circus
With Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut featuring prominently in the recently-announced batch of national awards, Madhur B ...  | Read.. 
The curious case of Deepak Kuntawala
Bookable offence
Twitters unite
Brick Lane
Tittle tattle
Some like it hot
Same name
Music mania
Hairy tale
Well, well, well
‘I came back to give my son a father but the father never showed up’