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Thursday , January 14 , 2010
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Over 1,800 business schools around the world use the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) as an eligibility criterion for their admission process. If you have set your eyes on an MBA abroad, you know how important this test is. GMAT primarily tests basic verbal, mathematical and analytical skills. This week’s featured website is a handy portal to hone your skills in these areas.

Magoosh offers hundreds of GMAT questions with detailed explanations from tutors with 99 percentile. You can also compare your score with those of others as well as see video explanations of your questions. All this is presented in an easy-to-use, simple online interface which requires no software installations or CDs.

Unlike most sites that have detailed registration pages, registering on Magoosh is quite simple — just type in your email, choose a password and solve a simple mathematical equation. It is truly a cakewalk. The site, with few pages, is simple to navigate does not confuse young aspirants. The homepage lists just three icons — a dashboard, a GMAT guide and an “about us” page with some testimonials.

Once you login on Magoosh you will be directed to the dashboard, where you can find a practice session. This page is systematically designed and gives you the option to choose the type of question, number of questions and manner in which you want to view the results — either after every question or at the end of the session. The second option on the dashboard is the results. Here you can view your detailed performance — the result in percentage terms, time taken to answer the question, the average time taken by most students, number of questions attempted, your score along with a detailed video explanation of the answer. The site also offers a detailed review of your performance by section, subject and question.

If you are an amateur be ready to face some serious disappointments in the shape of several incorrect answers. But for the dedicated student, this is a good place to practise, view results and know where you stand in your GMAT preparation.

You can exit the practise session anytime you wish to and the unanswered questions will be available the next time you log in. The site offers two packages — a basic package that is free of cost and gives you access to 40 quantitative questions with video explanations and 40 verbal questions with detailed explanations. The paid package for $79 (Rs 3,618) with six months’ access lets you practise over 400 quantitative questions and over 150 verbal questions.

Magoosh also offers a detailed GMAT guide. If you are new to GMAT, the site has all the dope you require to get started. It has an introduction to GMAT, how to register for the test, the rules, about the scoring system, testing centres, what to bring to the test and what you need to know about retaking the test. This section also provides detailed information about the three parts of GMAT — analytical writing assessment, the quantitative aspect and the verbal section.

The site takes its name from an old Persian word “magush”, which means one who is highly learned, wise and generous. The credentials of Magoosh’s founders seem to emulate some of these qualities. They have all graduated from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and scored 97 to 99 percentile in the GMAT.

At a time when GMAT aspirants from India are on a rise, Magoosh is sure to find several takers. But the site needs to be more interactive. In the age of social networking, students want to compare notes and have virtual interactions with others across the globe. At present the site does not offer any such feature.

Further, its free module with limited access to questions means you cannot rely on this site alone for your complete test preparation. You would need to either upgrade your package or get additional help from other sources. The site also does not yet have practise sessions for the analytical reasoning section. However, I would still give a thumbs up to Magoosh. Its simple user interface and video explanations are worth the click.

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A portal that helps you hone your skills in GMAT

Membership fees
It offers two packages — a basic package that is free of cost and a paid one (Rs 3, 618) that offers six months’ access


It needs to be more interactive

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