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Monday , December 28 , 2009
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Ghost credit card

Unfair practice

On August 10, I received a monthly statement dated August 8, 2009, issued by SBI Cards containing a claim for Rs 1,103 against an annual fee for credit card No. 4317575309290360. Since I never held such a card, I wrote to the SBI Cards and Payment Services Pvt. Ltd raising an objection to issuance of the card in my name. I also requested them to withdraw the charge and cancel the card to prevent its fraudulent use.Instead of withdrawing the charge, the company sent another statement dated September 6 slapping a late fee of Rs 389.03 and raising the total claim amount to Rs 1492.03. Faced with such baseless claims, I wrote another letter dated 11.09.2009 requesting them to withdraw the claims but to no avail.

Deb Kumar Dutta,
122/1 Monoharpukur Road,

Company response: No response.

The expert: It is really unfortunate that several complaints of alleged unfair trade practice have been levelled against SBI Cards. The West Bengal government has taken up the cause of the consumer and initiated proceedings against the company before the consumer forum. The complainant is advised to take up the matter with the Consumer Affairs Department, Government of West Bengal, and the Fair Business Practice Bureau, 8B, Nelie Sengupta Sarani, Calcutta-700087 for redress.

Deed delay

I had taken a housing loan (account No. 025461900219) for purchasing a flat from the Alipore Branch of Canara Bank. The registration was done in October 2007. I submitted the inspector general of registration (IGR) slip to the bank authorities and it has been lying with them since. However, the deed was not ready even in April 2009 and the bank imposed a penalty of Rs 13,194 on April 30 on account of its non-availability. I brought it to the notice of the bank that it is the responsibility of the concerned government department to print the deed and for the bank to collect it. As the IGR slip was not with me I was not responsible for submitting the deed. But the authorities are unwilling to listen to me.

Soumitra Basu
28, Dutta Para Road,
P.0. Harinavi,

Company response: The loan was disbursed to Soumitra Basu on August 3, 2007, under our housing loan scheme. The borrower was expected to get the sale deed registered and delivered to the bank within a reasonable period. The deed was collected by the bank in April 2009. As per the bank’s policy a penalty of one per cent was charged. The borrower had submitted a letter dated February 2, 2009, admitting delay in getting the sale deed ready.

The expert: From the complaint and the reply it is evident that there has been a misunderstanding between the parties. The registration was completed in October 2007 but the deed was not ready. It is for the concerned government department to provide an answer for the inordinate delay. The IGR slip is with the bank and it is the duty of the bank to take the deed from the registry office. Instead the bank has imposed a penalty of one per cent. The complainant can approach the consumer forum for relief and redress.


Dire straits

I invested Rs 20,000 in a fixed deposit scheme floated by Nicco-UCO (Bank) Alliance Credit Ltd. The principle amount was due on September 30, 2004, and the company returned Rs 5,000 on October 18, 2006, as the first installment. We are yet to receive the remaining Rs 15,000 from the company despite several reminders.

Jitendra Nath Mukherjee
DA-124, Sector-1
Salt Lake,
Calcutta-- 7000064

Company response: No response.

The expert: When a company invites deposits on the promise of attractive rates of interest and prompt repayment of principal and interest on the expiry of the stipulated period, it is an offer by the company assuring a safe avenue for investment. The consideration for the arrangement is that the company or firm is allowed to use the funds deposited with it for the purposes of its business. Such a transaction is clearly one of providing service for consideration and the depositor is clearly a consumer under the Act. In view of such circumstances, the complainant is requested to take up the matter with the consumer forum under whose jurisdiction Nicco-UCO (Bank) Alliance Credit Ltd has its office.

Left in the lurch

I lodged a complaint about non-receipt of dividend for the record dated 10.11.2006 for Rs 5,400 with the registrar and transfer agent for UTI Mutual Fund, Karvy Computershare Pvt. Ltd, in 2008. To help check the paid / unpaid status of the said warrant, I forwarded date-wise transaction details from 01.01.2006 to 31.12.2007 of our savings bank account and submitted a stamped indemnity bond of Rs 20, confirming that we have not received Rs 5,400 in our savings bank account.

I also informed the Karvy Computershare office in Calcutta about non-receipt of dividend but to no effect (Ref: KCKOL09 JAN’0915: 48C000859).

I am a primary holder, an old lady of 65 years, being struck with cerebral stroke twice, while the joint holder is my 75-year-old husband, who is a heart patient. Our movement is very restricted. Please help.

Pratima Chatterjee
Amiya Kumar Chatterjee

9, Rash Behari Avenue,

Company responce: No response.

The expert: It appears that the complainant has a genuine grievance but due to lack of communication the company has not been able to sort out the problem. I am sure a reputed company like Karvy Computershare would sort out the matter if it is taken up with them once again.

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