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Saturday , November 28 , 2009
Since 1st March, 1999
Sanjay Gupta copies from Korean films. David Dhawan lifts bits and pieces from Bolly, Holly, Tolly, Molly, Kolly…. Priyadarshan rehashes his own films. Just as the sarson ka khet signals a Yash Chopra film and Karan Johar’s films are known by ...  | Read.. 
Teen topper
It’s love at first look instead of first bite in Twilight, a deeply sincere, outright goofy vampire romance for t ...  | Read.. 
All action
The best thing about Ninja Assassin is its refreshingly honest title: unlike those few, unwary souls who rush to ...  | Read.. 
Debleena goes behind the camera
If it was a comedy last year, it’s a spooky thriller this time. Debleena Dutt has donned the director’s hat once ...  | Read.. 
More of Mithun
Mithun Chakraborty, who is busy playing husband to Rituparna Sengupta in Partha Ghosh’s Bengali film Rehmat Ali, ...  | Read.. 
She shines
Sonam Kapoor glows. Be it in traditional kundan or more contemporary...  | Read.. 
Tribal twinkle
Adi-Kriti, known for its reinterpretation of tribal jewellery, is celebrati...  | Read.. 
Cross country
First it was a broken oil sump, then it was a flat tyre. The Fiat Cinquecen...  | Read.. 
Diva diary
After a stint at the jazz lounge Ai in Delhi and a sizzling performance at ...  | Read.. 
Head start
When a five-decade-old Calcutta salon and a 100-year-old beauty brand join ...  | Read.. 
Heal the world
While Neel Adhikari, Allan Ao and Sayak Bandyopadhyay ... | Read.. 
Clay Stories — a “one-of-a-kind” platform for potters, craftsmen, artists and pottery enthusiasts — is holding the Potters Market at Rabindranath Tago ...  | Read