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You may die — suddenly
In October 2009, Ranjan Das, the 42-year-old chief of the Indian arm of IT giant SAP, collapsed after a workout. He died within a short span in a hospital. Das, a teetotaller, watched his diet and was a regular at the gym....  | Read.. 
Death rides the roads
It was supposed to be a fun trip to Renuka Lake via Nahan in Himachal. But little did I realise that the journey would tur ...  | Read.. 
No chatting, please
‘It’s deadline day and my boss thinks I’m working really hard, but guess what? I’m on Facebook!’ Thu ...  | Read.. 
All at sea
Every weekend, Amit Wahi called his wife Pooja. But late last month, the additional second officer on Al Khaliq suddenly rang ...  | Read.. 
A charmed brush
After completing the Baroda commission, Ravi (Varma) and his brother ...  | Read.. 
Hush, a star’s in the making!
celebrity circus
Unlike Kareena Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor who were launched by paranoid filmmakers, Shatrughan Sinha’s svelte daughter S ...  | Read.. 
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Tittle tattle
Seize the day: A still from the Bengali Film Anuranan (2006), where a young and fit Rahul, played by Rahul Bose, is a victim of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome
You may die — suddenly
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Second innings
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‘It’s my duty to give the poor man his money’s worth of entertainment. The rich can go watch Hollywood’