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You may die suddenly
In October 2009, Ranjan Das, the 42-year-old chief of the Indian arm of IT giant SAP, collapsed after a workout. He died within a short span in a hospital. Das, a teetotaller, watched his diet and was a regular at the gym....  | Read.. 
Death rides the roads
It was supposed to be a fun trip to Renuka Lake via Nahan in Himachal. But little did I realise that the journey would tur ...  | Read.. 
No chatting, please
‘It’s deadline day and my boss thinks I’m working really hard, but guess what? I’m on Facebook!’ Thu ...  | Read.. 
All at sea
Every weekend, Amit Wahi called his wife Pooja. But late last month, the additional second officer on Al Khaliq suddenly rang ...  | Read.. 
A charmed brush
After completing the Baroda commission, Ravi (Varma) and his brother ...  | Read.. 
Hush, a star’s in the making!
celebrity circus
Unlike Kareena Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor who were launched by paranoid filmmakers, Shatrughan Sinha’s svelte daughter S ...  | Read.. 
Pratibha Patil’s letter to her son
Life has to go on
Indian summer
Lata lover
Tittle tattle
Seize the day: A still from the Bengali Film Anuranan (2006), where a young and fit Rahul, played by Rahul Bose, is a victim of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome
You may die suddenly
Game fame
Play it again
Second innings
Hand maiden
‘It’s my duty to give the poor man his money’s worth of entertainment. The rich can go watch Hollywood’