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Game of the name
A rose can be called by any other name and still smell as sweet but rose has a nice ring in our ears. Just as Tollygunge does, conjuring up an area in our eyes. Uttam Kumar will do fine, too...  | Read.. 
Too little for ladies
The difference in mood between a general and a ladiesí train is proof again that if men are from Mars, women are from Venus. ...  | Read.. 
Watercolour memories
I do not know who paints the picture of life on memoryís canvas. But whatever the identity of the one who paints, he paints p...  | Read.. 
The third theatre
When on Day One of the Badal Utsav (July 15-19), Devendra Raj Ankur of NSD declared that proscenium plays were Sircarís forte...  | Read.. 
Golden Oldies
Hindi cinema songs become an integral part of our lives: even a bar of the music can bring back a sheaf of memories, can inst...  | Read.. 
Fish heads & fish eyes
It feels good to be recognised in, and recognised by, oneís own country, says Neel Mukherjee, after winning the 2008 Vodafone...  | Read.. 
Darned little stick
Itís nights like these that wake up the devil in me. The crows outside my window are silent at last. The rain canít seem to d...  | Read.. 
Sukumar Ray, the great humour writer, was always food for thought. His works are rich tributes to food in many forms; among other things, he started S ...  | Read
Hello It's Sunday , July 26 , 2009
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Future goes up in smoke
Bridge the gap
If you live in Calcutta, you have a relationship with the Howrah bridge. The 705 metre-long beauty m ...Read..