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Casual, formal or sexy

My favourite outfit: A black Dolce&Gabbana dress, which I find appropriate for every occasion.

My favourite outfit when I am driving to a shoot: Track suit bottoms and a hooded jumper.

My favourite outfit for evening wear: A black dress. Black is versatile — it can be casual, formal or sexy depending on how you wear it.

My favourite outfit for a formal occasion: I would like to wear a sari.

I like to sleep in: My Winnie the Pooh nightie.

My favourite designers: I wear a lot of Shantanu and Nikhil designs. Recently, I have been wearing a lot of Falguni Peacock’s work but I have yet to try out several Indian designers. For Ghajini my clothes were designed by Arjun Bhasin. Abroad, I think Versace makes fabulous gowns and Dolce&Gabbana make amazing casual wear.

My favourite brands in clothes: Dolce&Gabbana.

My favourite brands in jeans:Abercrombie.

The number of jeans I have: 10 pairs.

My favourite colours: Black and white.

My favourite fabrics: I love to wear chiffon.

I look the best in: Jeans and a shirt.

I would like my man to be dressed in: Armani black.

The best-dressed man in the industry: Shah Rukh — he dresses fabulously.

The best-dressed women in the industry: Are the married women … Twinkle Khanna, Karisma Kapoor. I think they have found their style and they are definitely fashion icons for us.

For the first day of my shoot I wore: I don’t really remember… I think I wore track suit bottoms and a vest.

I like to shop in: I don’t actually shop in Mumbai. When I shop I usually hit London or Paris.

I have a fetish for: Bags.

My favourite accessory: Belts, bags and shoes. I think it doesn’t matter what you wear but if your bags and your belts are good, then your wardrobe is complete.

In bags I like: This new bag I bought from Gucci — there are only five in the world. Right now it’s my favourite.

The most expensive thing I have ever bought: I bought my mom a fabulous bag a few birthdays ago. As for me, it would have to be jewellery … I bought myself a watch and a diamond ring.

An inexpensive thing that I bought and I treasure: I didn’t buy it; it was gifted to me … a taaveez that my mom gave me.

The watch that I wear: Frank Muller.

In shoes the brand I patronise: Manolo Blahnik.

The number of shoes I have: I have 15 and my favourite are my Gucci boots.

My favourite perfume: Right now I like La Perla.

My tip on clothes: It’s important to be comfortable in what you are wearing. If you are not comfortable then even if you are wearing the most beautiful dress, you can’t pull it off.

The shampoo and conditioner I use: Pantene shampoo and Aussie conditioner.

The length of my hair: Till the end of my waist.

The texture of my hair: It was thick two years ago but after shooting it is becoming less and less thick.

The colour of my hair: Dark brown.

My favourite hairstyle at home: A plait.

My favourite hairstyle for a formal occasions: I like the natural look.

My hairstylist: Recently, Dilshad cut my hair.

I admire the hair of: Shakira.

My hair care routine: I just oil it thrice a week.

My make-up when I am not shooting: I don’t put any.

Favourite shades in makeup: Natural colours. My lipstick should not be very bright.

Favourite brands in make-up: Stila and Benefit.

The features I like to highlight or conceal with make up: I don’t conceal anything, I like to highlight my lips.

My tip on make up: Keep it as simple as possible.

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