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An opulent mix


It’s time to redefine your idea of extreme opulence. Step into the grandeur-driven expansive La Sorogeeka showroom in Noida on Delhi’s fringes and you’ll be in for a walk through of world interiors. The brainchild of interior designer Anjali Goel, La Sorogeeka is where you must head if it’s a theme-based interior that you desire.

In the three acres of covered space, Indian and global interior trends sit cheek-by-jowl. There’s the dreamy Arabian collection, the old world Victorian Ensemble, eclectic South African Classic line and the daring Romantic space. The Indian Classic Lounge Bar feel, the Mediterranean Look and the outdoorsy Verandah feel vie for your attention.

A veteran in the field of creating luxury homes, Goel started out as fashion designer when she was all of 18. It was only after she got married that she turned to interior designing — armed only with her sense of aesthetics rather than a professional degree. She donned her creative cap some 20 years ago when she designed her father’s 20,000sq ft office in Delhi.

She called her brand La Sorogeeka and set about building her business — but decided to focus on theme-based interiors. The business grew rapidly, from a 1,000sq ft factory in Delhi’s Sainik Farms she graduated to a plush office-cum-showroom in Okhla. And now she also rules over the Noida studio which takes on 150 projects at a time.


According to Goel, quite like the fashion industry, the interior design industry too throws up new trends every season. Embellishing furniture with Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones and combining leather, wood and mirrors for effect is the order of the day.

What makes all the difference is putting together a complete look. “It can be achieved by coordinating wall effects, soft furnishings and other accessories in an organised way or theme,” she says.

According to her, walls embellished with mirror pieces and decorative wood cut outs, gold leaf ceilings and dim lights are hot interior trends at the moment.


Goel is all for home improvement and loves to customise spaces for her clients. Since every element of a chosen theme — including fabrics, the upholstery, furniture, wall finishes, lamps and carpets all are manufactured in her own factory, you need to dig deep into your pockets. So plan upwards of Rs 10 lakh, which is really the minimal order she takes.

Her themes like Arabian collection and The Indian Classic Lounge Bar, are a hit with clients. In the Arabian theme a lounge chair embellished with brown Swarovski crystals is eye-catching. Smoked brown glass and elements of gold leather are also integral to it.

The Indian theme comes with real silver furniture, black graphite-finished solid wood carvings while the soft furnishings are a treat and use real pearls, emeralds, rubies in its zardozi work.

The Romance theme revolves around black and gold and additional elements like black satin, black glass and heavy chandeliers. If you are a water baby and want an underwater theme then she says white and silver are the colours to go for.

Usher in Victorian elegance, in the interiors with hand-carved and embellished side tables and ottomans, she says. So here’s to timeless elegance.

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