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Wingardium Leviosa! Well, much as we would like to, we can't use that magic mantra to raise a book. Or two. But don't lose heart. If you are a wannabe wizard, here are some easy magic tricks to try on your muggle friends. You'll leave them gaping before you can say abracadabra!

Fig 1
Fig 2


Amazing card trick

Take a few cards from a pack and ask a friend to pick any one. (Fig 1) Put the selected card back into the pack. Shuffle the pack. And abracadabra! You’ve managed to whip out the very card your friend had selected!

How to pull it off:

1. Note that there are several cards in a pack that are unusual — because they point in a certain direction, or because the number of motifs at the top and the bottom of the cards are uneven. For example, Five of Hearts. (Fig 2) It has three motifs pointing upwards and two pointing downward. Or, Ace of Clubs, which has a big motif pointing upward. (Figure).

2. Present your friend with 10 such pointer cards and ask him to pick one. (Fig)
3.While he is looking at his card, put the rest of the cards back into the pack and quickly turn it around.

4.When the selected card is inserted into the pack, it will be pointing in the opposite direction.

5.Shuffle the cards, fan them out, and you’ll be able to pick out the card pointing in the wrong direction. This is the one your friend selected.



Card balancing trick

Show your audience a card, say, the Queen of Hearts. Show both sides of the card so your audience sees that it is a normal card. Place it on a table and surprise your friends by making it stand upright. Then balance a glass on top of this card. Amazingly, the glass does not fall. (Fig. 3)

How to pull it off:

1.You have to prepare a special card for this trick. Take any two cards, for example the Queen of Hearts and the Six of Diamonds.

2.Paste the Six of Diamonds behind the Queen of Hearts so that only half of the latter is pasted. The other half can be opened out to form a flap. (Fig. 4)

3.When you show the card, keep the flap face down. The two cards will appear as one — the Queen of Hearts.

4.When you place the card on the table, open out the flap discreetly with a flick of your thumb. The card will now stand upright.

5.Stand the glass on top of the card. The hidden flap serves to balance the glass. (Fig. 5)



Puncture-proof balloon

Fig 6

Take a transparent party balloon and blow it up. Then prick the balloon with a small pin or needle. Your friends will be amazed to see that the balloon doesn’t burst.

How to pull it off:

1.Paste a small square of Sellotape somewhere on the surface of the balloon and keep it ready for the trick.

2. Hold the balloon in one hand, and with the other, push the needle into the balloon through the piece of the Sellotape. (Fig. 6) You will see that the balloon will not burst.

Remember to use a thin needle for this trick.


Courtesy: Magician Shyamal Kumar

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