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I am a 20-year-old man. I have been involved in a homosexual relationship for the past two years with a friend of mine. I wanted to carry this relationship forward but he got involved with a girl and is now ignoring me. Getting ditched by him came as a terrible shock to me as it was totally unexpected and am going through mental turmoil. Please help.

Name and address withheld

Mental turmoil? Just because he wants to try and be normal? Are you insane or what? There are more men than women in this country and if you really want to get lucky with men then go to Haryana where the man-woman ratio is miserable. There will be plenty of men who may desire you. So cut out this crap about mental turmoil and start looking all over again!

I am a 23-year old woman. I am in love with a non-Brahmin man from Calcutta. We want to get married, my family is against the relationship because my boyfriend belongs to a different caste. Though I want to get married to him, I am in a dilemma because there is a lot of family pressure against it. What should I do?

Name and address withheld

Listen I am tired of this Brahmin crap and couldn’t give a toss about whether you get married or not! My suggestion is that you start looking for someone either from your own Brahminical caste or find yourself another set of parents!

I am a 30-year-old gay guy. I have fallen in love with you. I find you very attractive. For this reason, I can’t concentrate on my work and my wife is frustrated with me. Please help.

Name and address withheld

Fallen in love with me? I am not gay, I have no desire to be gay either. I am very happy being with people like your wife so leave me alone and if you don’t want to be with your wife, leave her with me. Get the picture son?

I am a 34-year-old woman working as a professor. Though I got married last year, there has been no physical intimacy between my husband and me. He has got no time for me at all. Since I felt very neglected, I got attracted to my husband’s cousin brother who is 10 years younger than me. Though he does not love me, he cares for me a lot. And though he is posted in Delhi, whenever he is here in Guwahati, he spends a considerable amount of time with me. He travels around 20km daily to meet me near my college. As we cannot meet openly for fear that someone might catch us red-handed, we meet secretly around the outskirts of the city. I want a legal separation from my husband so that I can marry my brother-in-law. But I am not certain whether he would want to marry me. Please advise.

Name and address withheld

Look this whole Guwahati thing sounds very chic but the simple question you need to ask that young bloke is, does he only lust for you or does he love you: my guess is the former so you are better off meeting this young bloke for lust and keep your husband with you for love. Obviously your husband is such a duffer that he doesn’t even know he’s got two adulterous relatives! Serves him right.  

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