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Designed to be undetectable
New molecules that promise to turn a couch potato’s dream into reality also threaten to make cheating in sports easier. Anti doping sleuths are now scrambling to arm themselves against a new challenge that has popped up — coincidentally — just ahead of the 2008 Beijing Olympics....  | Read.. 
Star burst
French astrophysicist Olivier Chesneau prefers to call them “stellar vampires.” Professional star gazers knew for a while that a nova (meani ...  | Read.. 
Carrots and sticks don’t work
It happens all the time. Two guys in a garage come up with a cool new technology — and dream of making it big. A thousand people take time off work to ...  | Read.. 
Fine-tuned Firefox
Mozilla Firefox, the Web browser with the quirky name, has grown up fast. Four years ago, Firefox was an obscure project Microsoft felt free to ignore ...  | Read.. 
Bitter truth about betel
If you thought only the tobacco in chewing pan is addictive, think again. Researchers in Bangalore have found that betel nut (Areca catechu ...  | Read.. 
Designed to be undetectable
Bent and twisted
The hunchback of Notre Dame (Quasimodo), immortalised by the novelist Victor Hugo, was so deformed that he never ventured out of the cathedral. He suf ...  | Read..