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Just Gk

1 Whose record did Rafael Nadal equal by winning his fourth consecutive singles title at the 2008 French Open tennis championship?

2 Who is the author of the novel Sea of Poppies that is set just before the Opium Wars?

3 Who was the first black to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

4 Who discovered and named the Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River in 1855?

5 Which economic law has been summarised as “supply creates its own demand”?

6 Which famous cricketer has been the deputy minister for tourism of island nation of Sri Lanka?

7 Which Italian mathematician and physicist invented the barometer in 1643?

8 According to the Puranas, Bharat Varsha was a part of which continent?

9 Which is the largest artery in the human body?

10 Which state or Union Territory has the smallest Vidhan Sabha in India, with only 30 members?


1. Bjorn Borg 2. Amitav Ghosh 3. Ralph Johnson Bunche in 1950 4. David Livingstone 5. Say’s Law 6. Arjuna Ranatunga 7. Evangelista Torricelli 8. Jambudweep 9. Aorta 10. Puducherry

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