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Warming alarm in folklore
Heat menace

Ranchi, July 7: A Jharkhand-based geologist Nitish Priyadarshi has traced the concern for global warming to ancient folk stories popular among different tribes of the state.

Throughout the history of different ancient tribes of India, there are numerous examples of the effect of warming or climate changes on mankind, he said.

Priyadarshi, who is working on different issues related to geology and environment in Jharkhand, said global warming is not a recent phenomenon.

The geologists, who teaches environment and water management in a Ranchi University college, said other than scientific evidences the tribes of Jharkhand indicated warming in their folk stories as a major factor behind disasters in ancient times.

“They did not have a scientific way of presenting them,” he pointed out.

They manifested the phenomenon of global warming in the form of fire rain, which God showered from heaven to destroy evil people.

The Mundas are said to have been created by Sing Bonga — the Sun God or supreme deity of the Mundas. Mundas’ stories of ancient warming are narrated in a story form, he said.

In one of the folklores it has been narrated how the heat emanating from iron-smelting furnaces of the Asur tribe dried up streams, tanks and the pools, and devoured all the vegetation.

They are dying of hunger and thirst. Neither birds nor worms on the earth find any food to eat or water to drink, they said in the folk tale.

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