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Harman Vs Imran - 2050: A yawn odyssey

In Love Story 2050, Harman Baweja uses a time machine to travel from 2008 to 2050. But thanks to his father, writer-director Harry Baweja, you will not need the machine to travel through time. By the end of the three-hour ordeal you will feel 42 years older.

If the mantle of taking Bollywood to sci-fi shores falls on the shoulders of the man who made Mujhe Mere Biwi Se Bachao and Teesri Aankh, you couldn’t have possibly hoped for surprises of the pleasant kind. But Baweja does surprise you: he turns a sci-fi tale into a punarjanam ki katha!

Yes, after all that bhashan baazi on how he couldn’t film the script eight years ago because he felt it was ahead of its time, Harry Baweja has served up a done-to-death reincarnation film. Rather than take a step forward, Love Story 2050 could effectively end Bollywood’s experiments with sci-fi truth for years to come.

And what does Harry do for his son? He tries everything in the book to finish him off in 2008 by labelling him a (cockeyed man’s) Hrithik clone. Harman is made to look, stand, talk, stare, walk, dance, run, jump, drive and do everything like Hrithik. Even the appearance shot is a close-up of the trademark sideburns!

It’s painful to watch a guy, who obviously has something of his own to show, try to be someone else. The Roshans should sue Team Baweja (the wife is the producer, the daughter the co-scriptwriter) and maybe pinch the Rs 2 crore they had to shell out to Ram Sampath (for the Krazzy 4 copy-paste).

So taken up by Hrithik are the Bawejas that they even mix Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai and Krrish in many ways than one. But luckily that is the only watchable part of the film. After some terribly trite lines — “you are a hot dog without a sausage” (aaargh!) — Harman and Priyanka do manage to rustle up some chemistry early on in the film. That must be the part of the rough cut shown to the Gowarikers and the Bhansalis, who have signed Harman for their next .

Priyanka, in fact, is very good right through the film, looking attractive in every frame, whatever the dye of choice, black or red. And when he isn’t crying or flaring his nostrils, even Harman is watchable. Love Story 2050 would have worked so much better for everyone as Love Story 2008 without that latex-and-laser second half.

What does Harry Baweja see in 2050? A few flying cars, some swank shell houses and a couple of talking robots. That’s all that the company which did the visual effects for the Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Narnia films had to play with it. Baweja should also think of sending a few crores to the Lucasfilm company to be on the safe side, what with the climactic action being fought with tube lights and the bad guy being a fully-masked Darth Vader. Then there are Anu Malik songs popping up like those see-that-had-enough laser images!

When the best thing about a film is a chatterbox, Archana Puran Singh, who speaks bizarre English in chaste Punjabi, you know it hasn’t quite been the dream launch for a star son.

It’s sad, but this Love Story has little chance of being remembered in 2009, forget 2050.


Face: he’s got the looks but the hrithik hangover is a hurdle he has to vault real soon

Body: well-toned, with the right proportion of muscles to be a bollywood leading man

Acting: there’s room for lots of improvement but he is not totally off the mark. Emotional scenes are bad news

Dancing: he looks good when he does the break dance MJ-style and even when he stretches his arms, SRK-style

Romancing: given that he is seeing Priyanka in real life, he looks comfortable cosying up to his leading lady

X factor: dad Harry leaves little scope for that by forcing his son to be the hrithik clone; grow up, boy

Verdict: first film is a dud, but how can you rule out someone with bhansali and gowariker in his kitty?

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