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Go for a new experience
What do you want to be when you grow up?” Remember that question from way back when you were a child? Then, the choice was so limited that you couldn’t throw the inquisitive adult off balance with your reply even if you wanted to. Not so any longer. With the advent of the era of technology, a host of new and exotic job titles is finding its way into the lucrative career option lists. Ask any youngster today, and he or she is very likely to come up with a new-age answer like “user experience designer...  | Read.. 
Testing times
When the Presidency College authorities announced their plan to do away with the entrance tests to six departments a few week ...  | Read.. 
Measure of justice
Amity Law School (ALS) offers a five-year integrated LLB (honours) programme. Students who have cleared Plus T...  | Read.. 
Rhode to success
A few years ago one of Roopa Unnikrishnan’s clients remarked that the fact that she was a Rhodes Scholar..  | Read..