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Games the AIDS virus plays
The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), discovered 25 years ago, has emerged as the most intensely investigated virus in all of human history. Despite this, it remains a biological mystery. One unsolved riddle had been a change in the molecular address —– the gateway –– that HIV uses to enter its ta...  | Read.. 
A leg up for baby making
Given a choice, Gita Kapoor, a 37-year-old banker in Bangalore, would have preferred just one child. She and her software engineer husband knew that w ...  | Read.. 
What’s in your genes?
The company 23andMe promises to “unlock the secrets of your own DNA”. Navigenics wants you to be tested to “do everything you can to st ...  | Read.. 
Look who’s dieting
If you thought only fashion and health conscious men and women take to dieting, you’re wrong. Fish, too, voluntarily restrict their food intake — ...  | Read.. 
Games the AIDS virus plays
Switching to a Mac
You must have noticed that for a while now I have been exhorting readers of this column to switch to a Mac. The common refrain from those reluctant to do so is the price or that they have to re-learn operating a computer all over again. ...  | Read.. 
‘I strayed and am scared’
Q: I had a misunderstanding with my wife and left her for three years. At that time I fell in love with a married woman. Recently her husband died. I think he had AIDS. I have left my partner and am back home, but am very scared....  | Read.. 
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Why does the body temperature rise during fever?