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Derek O'Brien

The shopkeepers in Calcutta’s Maidan Market (famous for cheap sports goods) are, arguably, the city’s biggest supporters of the Knight Riders. No, they are not SRK worshippers, nor are they Dada’s buddies from Behala. Yet, why do they walk around with ashen faces after every loss and, after very win, put on a grin that spans Howrah Bridge? Just like Mallya and Mukesh, Maidan Market too now lives with corporatisation of cricket! A win means the sales graph of the black and gold T-shirts goes up. No one is complaining, just yet.

Your Questions

1 Which novelist used the pseudonym ‘Boz’?
Paromita Gupta, Birbhum

2 Orthodox and southpaw are two stances taken in which sport?
Shubharthi Roy, Calcutta

3 Where will you find great dark plains called maria?
Roma Basak, Calcutta

4 Which fictional dog’s age has remained seven since his first appearance in 1969?
Tamal Ganguly, via e-mail

5 Which is the only outlet of what was known as Lake Ukerewe?
Satyajit Hazra, Bankura

6 Which agent derives its name from a Latin word meaning ‘slimy, liquid, poison’?
Arnab Chowdhuri, via e-mail

7 The presence of Beta Carotene gives which colour to vegetables?
Debopriya Ghose, Calcutta

8 In 1785, which emperor graduated from military school with a rank of 42nd out of 58
Kamalika Sen, via e-mail

9 Which former American President won the Grammy awards for two consecutive years?
Ria Gupta, Darjeeling

Know and Grow with Derek

In the first ever Indian Premier League (IPL) auction, Shane Warne had the highest
reserve price of $450,000. He was bought by Rajasthan Royals for the same amount.

Ten on ten

A French novelist referred to which monument as a ‘truly tragic streetlamp’?

Aritra Mukhopadhyay, Howrah

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Identify this world leader

Point of View

1. Name this singer



2. Name this squash player




Answers :

1 Charles Dickens
2 Boxing
3 On the moon
4 Scooby Doo
5 The Victoria Nile
6 Virus
7 Orange
8 Napoleon
9 Bill Clinton

Who am I ? Alberto Fujimori of Peru

Point of View 1 Natasha Bedingfield

Point of View 2 Deepika Pallikal

Ten on ten The Eiffel Tower

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