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Pak partners ‘agree’ on judges
Pakistan’s key coalition partners, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), have “agreed” to reinstate the judges sacked by President Pervez Musharraf. ...  | Read.. 
Floyd’s ‘Obama’ pig lost
A huge inflatable pig bearing the word “Obama” has gone missing in the California desert after it was released into the sky during a music festival. ...  | Read.. 
Lennon lyric under hammer
When John Lennon gave teenager Gail Renard the scribbled lyrics to Give Peace A Chance in 1969, he told her to hold on to the piece of paper. ...  | Read.. 
Ronaldo in hiding after incident
Ronaldo went into hiding yesterday after an encounter with cross-dressing prostitutes that prompted police to investigate whether to charge one with trying to extort money fr ...  | Read.. 
Sharif at Lahore airport on his way to Dubai. (AFP)
Pak partners ‘agree’ on judges
Strange stalker
Vacate ‘letter’ sent to king
The Maoists today claimed to have sent a formal letter to King Gyanendra asking him to vacate t..  | Read.. 
Father of LSD and pioneer of acid trip dies
Albert Hofmann, the Swiss scientist who invented LSD and became the first person in the world t..  | Read..