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Know your office lingo
Do you regularly need a heads up (update) to figure out what people around you in the office are talking about? If you are in a particularly fertile environment, there could be a lot of blue sky thinking going on. The occasional inter-departmental li...  | Read.. 
Right foot forward
You are facing the interviewer and feeling like things are moving along nicely when all of a sudden the interview take ...  | Read.. 
Moms on the move
I love my new job. It was absolutely the right choice for me. But — isn’t there always a but? — when I come in to work, ...  | Read.. 
Surviving outrageous bosses
Anyone who has been in the workforce for a while has advice to share — and it doesn’t always sync up with mine. Stephen ...  | Read.. 
How I Made It
Dhimant Vyas always knew that art in some form would be his metier. But though imagination was his long suit, his childhood d ...  | Read.. 
Know your office lingo