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Livewire ’08, Sikkim Manipal University’s popular annual inter-college fest, was celebrated on February 27 and 28 at the Kalamandir auditorium in Calcutta. Several colleges participated in the event. After an inaugural speech by the director of the centre, the first day was declared open. There were events like a quiz contest, Braniac, a corporate debate, The Big Fight, a group dance competition and so on. Invitees from the media world graced the occasion. The day ended with a rocking performance by Bangla band Cactus and dance troupe Insignia.

The second day was full of fun events like the War of RJs, a skit competition, First Cut, a T-shirt painting competition, Graphiti, Pass The Tune (antakshari), fashion show, Voice Ur Soul (a solo singing competition) and Road Rush, a treasure hunt. RJs Arvind and Mithoon from a popular FM channel regaled the crowd with their wacky sense of humour. To top it all, veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee felicitated the winning students. Music band Insomnia’s closing performance had the audience clapping along with their foot-tapping numbers.

A special mention must be made of the students who, with their hard work and indomitable spirit, made the annual fest a great success.

Sudipta Panja,
Sikkim Manipal University, Ballygunge Phari


Learning is fun

TINY HANDS: Students of Pretoria High learn household activities in school

Pretoria High has introduced a revolutionary technique of teaching students the basics of science. The innovative technique is based on scientific application and is well researched.

The school believes in making learning fun. Laboratory classes are conducted for the junior students of the school every day. From holding a pencil to recognising shapes, colours, vegetables, fruits and numbers, the students are taught everything in a scientific manner. They are also taught sieving, grating, pouring and peeling — regular household activities that have enormous educational implications.

These activities enhance the vocabulary of the students. The concept of space is introduced leading to mathematical skills and the concept of direction is infused in them when they grate left to right — it is the way we write too!

Pouring a liquid from one jar into another helps increase the concentration level of students as they are asked to fill up the container to a certain level and their fine motor movement is strengthened when they sieve with their index finger. The sieving activity eventually leads to the development of writing skills by improving their grip.

Peeling fruits helps them to learn the different names of fruits! Making sandwiches also helps them to enhance their vocabulary as they learn words like spices and coriander.

They are taught how to solve puzzles with knobs and that teaches them how to hold a pencil because each knob is specially designed in the shape of a pencil. Pictures of fruits and vegetables are cut and put up on the soft board to familiarise students with them.

These innovative and ways of learning make it a stimulating and enjoyable experience for students.

Varun Singh and Jinen Udani,
Class X, Pretoria High


Green concern

Step by step: A child highlights the dangers of global warming

The students of Class III of Birla High School (Girls) recently presented a show at the school auditorium on the causes of global warming, water pollution, air pollution and the conservation of resources. We came to know about the causes of water pollution, air pollution and the result of excessive use of petrol. We were also told that a tree inhales 12 kg of carbon dioxide and provides enough oxygen to sustain a family of four throughout the year. We learnt we should not kill animals or cut down trees. The harmony of nature will be destroyed if human beings continue to use natural resources carelessly. Finally, the show concluded with a pledge by us to conserve the natural resources and make the world a better place to live in.

Sonal K Chopra,

Class V Birla High School (Girls)

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