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Ram: Why do you always answer a question with another question?

Shyam: Do I?

Utkarsh Jain, Class VII, Delhi Public School, Siliguri


Teacher: Why have you come to school with bread slices in your hand?

Jerry: There was a jam on the road, Sir.

Archisman Poddar, Class V, St Mary’s Orphanage and Day School, Calcutta


Man: Why are you crying, little boy?

Little boy: Because my brother has holidays and I don’t.

Man: That’s unfair. And why don’t you have holidays?

Little boy: Because I haven’t yet started going to school.

Subham Saha, Class VII, Burnpur Riverside School, Burdwan


Customer: Waiter! There are no potatoes in this potato paratha.

Waiter: That’s all right. We don’t have Kashmir in our Kashmiri pulao either.

Subhalakshmi Yadav, Class VII, Holy Cross School, Baruipur


Jim: Do you know, my dog can tell the time?

Tim: That’s impossible. How can a dog tell what time it is?

Jim: He is a watchdog.

Rohan Shah, Class VII, La Martiniere School for Boys, Calcutta


A man boards a bus, hails the conductor and buys a ticket. When the conductor gives him the ticket, he can’t stop grinning.

Fellow passenger: Why are you grinning?

Man: I just made a fool of the conductor. You see, I already have a pass.

Rajat Agarwal, Class VIII, Delhi Public School, Siliguri


Teacher: Why are you late for school?

Vikram: Because of the sign.

Teacher: What sign?

Vikram: The one that says ‘School ahead. Go slow.’

Subhrankash Panda, Class VI, D.A.V. Model School, Durgapur


Teacher: All the world’s a stage and the people on it are mere players.

Student: Who is the audience?

Nandini Banga, Class VII, St John’s Diocesan Girls’ School, Calcutta


Teacher: Which is the largest ant in the world?

Student: An eleph-ant.

MD Kashif, Class V, Modern Day School, Calcutta


Teacher: Where is your homework?

Student: I’ve done my homework, ma’am. It’s just that I forgot to write it down.

Joydeep Naskar, Class IV, K.V.I.I.M. School, Joka


Customer: Waiter, this egg is rotten.

Waiter: Don’t blame me. I laid the table, not the egg.

Raktotpal Gogoi, Class VII, Delhi Public School, Nazira

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