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Slow & steady

The first thing I have in the morning: It keeps changing. It could be either tea or lemon and honey or some almonds or aamla. After playing something like cricket or tennis or working out in the gym, I have my breakfast, which comprises eggs, oats and fruits.

My lunch: When I am at home, it is generally one vegetable, daal and roti. The type of roti keeps changing, sometimes it is besan ki roti, at other times it’s makke ki roti; and in winters I relish baajre ki roti. When I am shooting, lunch is only salads and soups.

I am particular about: Not mixing rice with roti or chicken with mutton or fish.

I prefer to eat: Vegetarian food.

A thought on food: When in college, I was not fond of eating, and kept dreaming about a wonder drug which could replace food. My tastebuds were revolutionised only after I graduated from the National School of Drama. Now I love food but I don’t over-indulge.

My dinner: Is generally early because it helps if one wants to lose weight. When I am trying to shed weight, I also try and avoid carbohydrates at night.

My favourite desserts: I generally avoid desserts.

My favourite fruit: Mango, leechi. And my favourite drink is sitaphal ka juice. When I am trying to lose weight, I have only fruits for breakfast.

My tip for a healthy diet: Mix cooked food with raw food. At least half of your diet should comprise raw food. And avoid white bread completely.

My favourites in Mughlai food: Shammi kebab, kofte, yakhni pulao, pasande, which only my mother can make!

My favourite food: Doi maachh, chochchori, rasam and kaale urad ki daal with desi ghee. I also love Sindhi kari, rajma from Punjabi homes, dahi vade, gushtaba (in Kashmiri food), bharva baigan (in Hyderabadi food), bhaakri with lahsan aur hari mirch ki chatni, nihari and haleem.

In international cuisine I like: A variety, but I am especially fond of Lebanese food, which has the right combination of cooked and raw food. I love hummus with bread and raw vegetables.

My culinary abilities: Are very basic. I am very anxious while cooking, and cooking needs a peaceful mind. My wife improvises whenever she cooks and I love her sense of improvisation but the tragedy is if I ask her to make something which she made earlier once again, she can never repeat the recipe because it was improvised. But her improvisation has made my taste for food more liberal.

Eating out: I am not a restaurant person. I don’t really look for ambience when eating out; what matters is your mental framework. I hate to eat in a hurry.

Anita Raheja-Heena Agarwal

(Bollywood News Service)

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