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Budding friendship

Cats and mice may share a more peaceful relationship in future, or so scientists would have us believe. You must be wondering how. Well, a group of Japanese researchers at Tokyo University have revealed that if certain receptors in the brains of the mice are switched off, then they may no longer be scared of their formidable enemy. The mice were genetically modified when certain receptors in their brains, which are sensitive to the smell of cats, were removed. It was found that the mutant mice without the particular receptors were not afraid of cats and were absolutely normal in their interaction with them. These mice didn’t run away or hide in fear. Researcher Ko Koba-yakawa said that mice are scared of cats because they are genetically conditioned to react with fear when they smell the odour of the predators. Wonder what it would be like to watch a genetically-modified Jerry on TV.

Wise Eeffort

Managing energy

It’s time for more than 4,000 schoolchildren across India to educate others about energy management. This is part of a school contact programme by Philips Electronics India Limited. A quiz and a poster competition follow the information drive. Three winners from the competition will be awarded a scholarship of Rs 1 lakh each. Says Mathew Jacob, marketing director, Lighting Division, Philips Electronics India, “We are already looking forward to the next such initiative.” Talk about the winds of change.

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