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- A three-minute guide to the Gujarat fallout

Who’s the biggest winner? Narendra Modi. This election was a referendum on the man, his politics and rhetoric

Who’s the biggest loser? The Congress. The Sonia-Rahul combine proved a failure as vote-catcher. The backroom boys did not deliver and the state unit lacked leadership and direction

Is the BJP worried a bit? The Rajnath camp, backed by the RSS, is worried. Rajnath had tried to sideline Modi. The Gujarat victory is a big boost to the Advani-Jaitley-Modi trio in their battle against the Sangh parivar to regain full control of the party

Is the Left relieved a bit? Yes. If the Congress had won, it might have been tempted to defy the Left, sign the nuclear deal and face early elections

Are early general elections likely? Demoralised by the Gujarat result, the Congress leadership is unlikely to risk it. The call for unity among secular forces — the UPA and the Left — will also gain ground

What about the nuclear deal? Likely to be put on the back burner for now

Will Modi enter national politics? Not immediately. He will be the BJP’s star campaigner in the next Lok Sabha polls

Is it a victory for development? To a degree, yes. Modi’s claims that he did more for Gujarat’s development in the last five years than the Congress did in 45 years struck a chord. But subliminal Hindutva and Gujarati “asmita” (pride) also contributed to the victory

What are the lessons for the Congress? It must develop strong regional leaders, work round-the-clock among the people instead of waking up just before an election and provide a clear-cut agenda to counter the BJP’s plank

Has Modi proved that he is bigger than the party and the Sangh? Yes and no. This election was a one-man show but the BJP had a core base — built over two decades— in Gujarat. He effectively combined a presidential-style campaign with the strengths of a party system

Will the result aid the third front? Yes. The Congress’s failure in Gujarat will reinforce the message that the party is not vibrant enough to take on the BJP

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