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‘Wife’ sends MP to court

Gaya, Dec. 20: Gaya member of Parliament Rajesh Manhi has submitted a petition in the principal judge of the family court seeking “separation” from his wife, Pramila Kumari, who, he has alleged, is a former live-in partner and not the legally-wed wife.

Earlier, Rajesh Manjhi hit the headlines for taking his “girlfriend” on an official tour and presenting her as his wife.

A Parliamentary inquiry committee subsequently found him guilty on this count and as a punishment Manjhi was barred from attending 30 sittings of the Lok Sabha.

The separation petition was filed on December 5, 2007 and a copy of the same is available with the newspaper. Rajesh and Pramila has been staying together from February 21, 1994, though Pramila says that the two got married in 1994. They have a daughter together. The petition filed by Manjhi brings allegations of “abuse” against the woman, who according to him, has been troubling his brothers and sisters-in-law and has “threatened” to kill her children. In his petition, Rajesh has alleged that the two stopped living together a year ago and he subsequently disowned Pramila’s son (born in August 2006) as his own.

The petition also states that “he (Rajesh) is the third man in his partner’s life and she is has been married twice before”. Jugal Kishor Mandal, alleged to be Pramila’s current boyfriend, has been made the second respondent in the case (no. 154/2007).

Besides Jugal Kishor Mandal and Ram Briksha Bhuiyan has been identified as the second husband of Pramila.

“She is not a legally-wedded wife but assuming, though not admitting, that if it be found that she has the legal status of the wife, then in that eventuality, a decree of divorce be passed” the petition reads. In defence, Pramila dismissed all allegations made against her. Defending herself as a legal wife, Pramila has claimed that their marriage was solemnised in court in 1994.

“Manjhi is trying to get rid of me and so he is indulging in character assassination. But justice will be done,” she said.

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