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First woman: My husband feeds hundreds of people every day.

Second woman: What does he do?

First woman: He is a waiter.

Oinam Sobana Devi, Class VII, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Loktak, Manipur


Guide: This is the throne of Akbar. No one was allowed to sit on it.

Tourist: I’m so tired that I cannot stand for a second. Please let me sit here. I promise to get up when Akbar comes.

Ria Das, Class III, Bethune Collegiate School, Calcutta


Sijit: Why are film stars cool?

Neeloy: Because they have a lot of fans.

Subham Roy, Class III, Pearls of God School, Hind Motor


Customer: You cheated me.

Shopkeeper: How?

Customer: You told me this radio was made in the US. When I switched it on, it only catches All India Radio.

Rajat Agarwal, Class VIII, Delhi Public School, Siliguri


Man (to his wife): Drink up the coffee fast.

Wife: How can I? It’s very hot.

Man: Haven’t you seen the menu? It says that hot coffee is Rs 20, but cold coffee is Rs 40.

Shristi Chaudhary, Class V, D.A.V. Public School, NIT Campus, Jamshedpur


Father: Son, where is your new guitar?

Son: I threw it away.

Father: Why?

Son: It was defective. It had a big hole in the middle.

Debayan Chanda, Class IV, Hem Sheela Model School, Durgapur


Customer: I want to buy the Indian flag.

Shopkeeper: Of course. Take a look at these. Customer: These won’t do. I want a different design.

Koustav Sen, Class VII, Assembly of God Church School, Calcutta


Sonu: Just imagine. The heroine turned out to be the killer.

Monu: You shouldn’t reveal the ending.

Sonu: But you have already watched the movie.

Monu: So what? Suppose I decide to watch it again?

Pushpendra Kumar, Class V, D.A.V. Public School, Gandhinagar, Ranchi


A man was weeping, holding a book in his hand.

Wife: Why are you crying?

Man: I am reading a book with a very sad ending.

Wife: What book?

Wife: My bank’s pass book.

Swastika Mukherjee, Class VIII, Carmel School, Durgapur


Firefighter: This house is on fire. Get out of here as fast as you can.

Man: Go away and let me sleep. I’ll read all about it in tomorrow’s newspaper.

Trija Sethi, Class VI, Springdale High School, Kalyani

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