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new find

Long-eared rodent

An unusual desert rodent has been filmed for the first time ever, say scientists. The long-eared jerboa found in the deserts of China and Mongolia are very small nocturnal mammals with huge ears. Jonathan Baillie, a Zoological Society of London scientist, says that the footage has helped them to know the animal better. He had led an expedition in which the strange creature was discovered in the Gobi desert. The jerboas hop like kangaroos and have tiny hair on their feet. They also have the biggest ear-to-body ratio among mammals, Dr Baillie told BBC News. The footage also revealed that they hide in underground tunnels during the daytime and feed on insects. However, these rare rodents are threatened with extinction even before they have been fully studied. The jerboas are being referred to as the Mickey Mouse of the desert for their resemblance to the cartoon character.

centre stage

Theatre festival

Christmas is around the corner and the festivities have begun already. Theatre group Nandikar is staging the 24th National Theatre Festival in Calcutta. The festival, which started on December 16 and will continue till December 25, has a wide range of plays for children. Plays like Abanira Kemon Thake, Tota Kahini, Pakhi, Dakghar and others will be staged at the Academy of Fine Arts. This year the festival is paying tribute to Leela Mazumder, the iconic writer of children’s literature.

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