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What a man
Why not' There are online advertisements for ordering shoes with your own specifications — any size, any colour, any heel height. There are many similarities between shoes and men. While most men, like shoes, are best when they are lying at your feet...  | Read.. 
Lonely planet
So if we must watch someone wandering about aimlessly as the last man on Earth, it may as well be someone who can hold our at ...  | Read.. 
Smutty & supercute!
Since the dawn of youth culture, when it was first determined that adolescents were not to be trusted to play themselves, tee ...  | Read.. 
A stranger to Hitchcock’s suspense
One walked into Strangers expecting it to be a total rip-off of Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train. O ...  | Read.. 
Puppy power
Wuf-wuf, wag, wag, wag for the Air Buddies. This is a fur-filled fun film that will make you fall so completely in lo ...  | Read.. 
Navel-less wonder
Rejoin Kyle XY and The Trager family for a brand new season of the STAR World sci-fi drama every Saturday at 8pm on St ...  | Read.. 
Comeback & conquest
Here’s what was buzzing in blog world this week ...  | Read.. 
Beyond clutter
Interior designer Ajay Arya gives practical solutions to blend visual harmony and utility in a cramped living space ...  | Read.. 
Paromita models a creation in earthy hues from designer Swati Srivastava’s R’evons Prom Queen collection. Empire lines, draped mermaid cuts and short ...  | Read