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Waste of Eden
When he saw a packed Eden Gardens for the first time in 1972, English cricket writer E.W. Swanson was reminded of something a young army officer said about the war from which he had just returned: “The noise and the people!” ...  | Read.. 
Waiting for a role
Very little plaster covers the old brickwork. The doors and windows in front are locked. The boys playing football in the lane outside smugly say: “No one lives here anymore.”...  | Read.. 
Spring colours in winter
K.G. Subramanyan is only 83 years old and he is still chasing rainbows. Even a few years ago, his palette was confined to ear...  | Read.. 
Home abroad & back home
I am home. Like many Indians living in the US, I visit the homeland in winter. A time when ticket prices are at an all-time h...  | Read.. 
Bearded bongo band-man
Name: Monojit Datta, also known as Kochuda in the music fraternity ...  | Read.. 
‘I preferred solitude’
Soft, diminutive, sort of lost in the packed split-level interactive space at Oxford Bookstore, Anita Desai seems almost relu...  | Read.. 
Next weekend you can be at ... Samsing
Atop Kitap Singh Hill, by the river Murti, Samsing is an unspoilt mountain village rapidly growing in popularity among tourists. ...  | Read.. 
Waste of Eden
Hello, it's Sunday, December 09, 2007
Music Magic
Honour roll
Eye on Art
Drive through the Iron Curtain
Do not mistake Dominique Lapierre’s Once Upon A Time in the Soviet Union for just another tra ...Read.. 
Calamity looming over Calcutta
By 2070, Calcutta will be the most vulnerable city in the world with respect to climate change and i...  | Read..