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Once upon a time in Ripon
The sms buzzes my phone in Madras and it’s as terse as phone texts get. There’s only one word that can be shortened — ‘called’ – but the sender hasn’t bothered: ‘Riots in Cal. Army called out.’ ...  | Read.. 
The emu has landed
On his farm in Wada Taluka along Mumbai’s outskirts, Deepak Gonsalves has kept aside a dozen of his 90 emus to be slaugh ...  | Read.. 
Crazy about Kashmir
If there’s one thing in this world that has managed to outlive — and outshine — Kashmir, it’s Kashmir itself. ...  | Read.. 
Lights, cameras and action for the Roshans
celebrity circus
After a rather subdued 12 months, the Roshan family has been activated again. For one, get ready for a splash of Jodhaa Akbar ...  | Read.. 
British Muslims’ moment in the sun
Truffled feathers
Konnie’s kind
Flag waving
Tittle tattle
Once upon a time in Ripon
English language, desi babu
Teen times
Book blast
Cause and because
‘Noon did what the Labour Party asked him to’