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The flora of democracy
In February, I visited Luxembourg by courtesy of its government. Soon after I returned, I watched the government of West Bengal’s handling of the Singur affair. It made me aware of a difference between the Indian and European practice of democracy, w...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Singled out
Sir — It is really a matter of shame for all law-abiding citizens of the country that the governmen ...  | Read.. 
Daring to speak
Sir — It was daring of the vice-president, Hamid Ansari, to call the policies of the United States ...  | Read.. 
On deaf ears
Sir — The Supreme Court’s indictment of state machinery and muscle power used for political rallies ...  | Read.. 
The United Nations Development Programme is an optimistic organization. In its latest human development report, it urges the ...| Read.. 
Old habits die hard. Despite having burnt his fingers in Sri Lanka, M. Karunanidhi, the Tamil Nadu chief minister, has not fo...| Read.. 
Undo The Bad Habits
The Delhi government has decided to impose a fine on jay-walking. This one move, if implemented properly and honestly, should...  | Read.. 
Straight from the heart
Do the lives and liberty of people caught in a conflict zone such as Assam, Manipur, Jammu and Kashmir,...  | Read.. 
Fierce warriors in a hostile land
The region between Pakistan and Afghanistan has witnessed continuing violence ever since Alexander’s victory over the Punjabi prince, Porus, in 327 BC. ...  | Read.. 
The schoolmaster is abroad, and I trust more to him, armed with his primer, than I do to the soldier in full military array, for upholding and extending the liberties of his country. — LORD BROUGHAM