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Party puts Kshiti back in Writers’

Calcutta, Nov. 29: The RSP today decided to send Kshiti Goswami back to Writers’ Buildings, three weeks after he had “desired” to step down as PWD minister to protest the CPM’s Nandigram recapture.

Goswami will resume work tomorrow.

The decision was expected in view of the piling pressure from fellow Left Front partners CPI and the Forward Bloc as well as the RSP rank and file. It was formally taken at the party’s state committee meeting.

While Goswami said he would accept the party’s decision as a “disciplined soldier”, RSP state secretary Debabrata Banerjee called it a “consensus opinion”.

Despite the RSP’s growing acrimony with Big Brother CPM over land acquisition in Singur and Nandigram, the party chose to stick to the front and continue to be the CPM’s conscience-pricker rather than risk political wilderness.

“All our leaders opined that what we can achieve by staying in the Left Front would not be possible if we leave it. We will continue to protest in the state cabinet and in the front against any anti-people move,” Banerjee said.

Goswami said he was “too sensitive to stomach what happened in Nandigram”, but had let his “personal wishes” be “overruled”.

“Almost all of the state committee members supported my criticism of the government. But they argued that my resignation would not be tactically wise,” he said.

Goswami said the RSP had decided against pulling out of the government not only because “fellow travellers Forward Bloc and CPI” had requested it to, but also to “honour the wishes of Jyoti Basu”.

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