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What’s in a name'
Catch-22 (1961) Catch-22 has passed into the language as a description of the impossible bind… “Yossarian looked at him soberly and tried another approach. ‘Is Orr crazy'’ ...  | Read.. 
School of rock
Somewhere in an abandoned land (read Gate 2, Nicco Park) on Saturday, November 24 evening, six metal proprietors did their ...  | Read.. 
Tales of a jungle
The Star Trekkers were out on a voyage again. Starmark, in association with Mira and Daleep ...  | Read.. 
Our films, their films
With an eye on goal
A story about a football team rising from the ashes was ill-timed for English screens last week. The country’s f ...  | Read.. 
The changemaker
Lajja, Bhagat Singh, Khakee and now Halla Bol. You have done four films with Rajkumar Santoshi. ...  | Read.. 
‘I want to give something back to Bengal’
Rice Plate in Dus Kahaniyaan marks your directorial debut. What is it all about' ...  | Read.. 
Shining Through
Alexandra Maria Lara doesn’t shrink from a challenge. Francis Ford Coppola has given her not one but three women ...  | Read.. 
Angelina Jolie plays the deadly monster Grendel’s mother in Beowulf, the oldest English epic. t2 suggests a Bollywood cast for the oldest Indian epic… ...  | Read.. 
Pretty woman
In golden high-heeled ballerinas, a single-shouldered black number paired w...  | Read.. 
Sorry about my sounding holier than thou here and don’t get me wrong. ...  | Read.. 
Under cover
I am 23 years and my size is 32 C. I wear cotton bras with broad cott...  | Read.. 
New designs on You
Perfumes by Rocky S, watches by Rohit Bal, shoes by Manish Arora, chocolate...  | Read.. 
Bollywood meets the Big Apple
DJ Chris McGuinness from New York was in Calcutta last weekend, playing to...  | Read.. 
Bangla boom
A reigning favourite on the city stage, Bangla band Fossils toured, perform...  | Read.. 
Speed demon: They were always the masters of thrillers. And now Abbas and Mustan Burmawalla are adding style to substance. For their forthcoming film ...  | Read