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Reflections on a rally
Calcutta is a city famous, or notorious, for its rallies. People who live in the city have become tired and jaded by demonstrations that stop traffic and disrupt normal life. Yet there was something novel about the procession that wended its way down...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
View from below
Sir — As per the UNDP Human Development Index 2006, India ranks a poor 126 under various heads, in ...  | Read.. 
Wait in vain
Sir — The verdict reached by the court in the Uphaar case at the end of a long drawn trial is disap ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir — Can we call a vaccine a vaccine when it does more harm than good' (“Danger signal over HIV va ...  | Read.. 
To have an opinion is no sin. A citizen in a democratic republic, such as India, is not only welcome to have an opinion but a...| Read.. 
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Message delivered
Who’s the boss'
Train of thought
From Moscow, with no love
Filmi blues
In seventy years the one surviving fragment of my knowledge, the only indisputable poor particle of certainty in my entire life is that in a public-house lavatory, incoming traffic has the right of way. — HUGH LEONARD