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Two leaders, two minds
In September, I was in the United States, travelling around the cities of the East Coast. The exiled Pakistani politician, Benazir Bhutto, had been there a few weeks previously, visiting the same cities and frequently speaking at the same venues ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Hold your tongue
Sir — Khushwant Singh may still wonder if Nargis’s calling a woman “not rape-worthy” was unparliam ...  | Read.. 
Dark clouds
Sir — Cyclone Sidr, which was supposed to strike India’s eastern coast, changed its course in the n ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir — I was appalled at the poor state of public service at the Chennai airport when I was there re ...  | Read.. 
Shame is not a sensation that can be borne for very long. Yet that is exactly what the people of West Bengal are being forced...| Read.. 
Lightness in layers
What you are holding now, as you read this review, is paper. Yet, how aware would you normally be of the stuff between your fingers as you take in the words and images on its ...  | Read.. 
Birds of a feather
Max Mueller Bhavan’s re-awakening on the theatre scene after a long slumber has delighted stage enthusiasts who remember its luminous record of cultural interaction. ...  | Read.. 
A recital to remember
Adam Margulies — the 23-year-old graduate of the Manhattan School of Music, now studying at the Metropolitan Opera House — is the recent winner of the prestigious Unesco-spons...  | Read.. 
Dirty business
Conspiracy theories abound on the internet, but they should stay there...  | Read.. 
Bridge across the divide
Vagaries of the Indian calendar are such that two important events in the birth and development of Sikhism fall on the same...  | Read.. 
What we know of the past is mostly not worth knowing. What is worth knowing is mostly uncertain. Events in the past may roughly be divided into those which probably never happened and those which do not matter. — W.R. INGE