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We loved them once
In this season of pragmatists and musclemen, thinkers are a distraction. It is therefore hardly surprising that centenaries of two outstanding ideologues — Damodar Dayananda Kosambi and Hirendra Nath Mukherjee — have passed almost unnoticed in the co...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Rallying cry
Sir — As a housewife and mother of two, it had never occurred to me to involve myself in things lik ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir —The news of the French consulate coming back to Calcutta is no reason for the city to break in ...  | Read.. 
The owl of Minerva, it has famously been said, spreads its wings only after dusk. Wisdom is always post facto. After W...| Read.. 
The Gorkhas of Darjeeling have long debated who they are and how they can relate to Bengal or to the rest of India. Long befo...| Read.. 
Change the world
Sometimes one wonders whether the authority that is meant to govern this country is only interested in taking care of the nee...  | Read.. 
The shiny stuff is tomatoes./ The salad lies in a group./ The curly stuff is potatoes./ The stuff that moves is soup./ Anything that is white is sweet./ Anything that is brown is meat./ Anything that is grey, don’t eat. — STEPHEN SONDHEIM
People’s history
No longer can these display prints, that once used to occupy pride of place in middle-class Indian homes, be written off either as kitsch or banalities ...  | Read.. 
In the theatre of traditions
Vasudha Dalmia’s Poetics, Plays and Performances attempts to trace a genealogy of modern Hindi theatre...  | Read.. 
King with a heart of gold
The state of Bikaner was founded in 1465 by Rao Bika, second son of Rao Jodha, who, again, was the founder of the city of Jodhpur...  | Read.. 
Created by several hands
When authors get frustrated with the long time publishers take to decide wh...  | Read.. 

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