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Human cell feat minus ethical issues
Scientists have for the first time coaxed human skin cells to slip into an embryonic state, bestowing them with the potential to turn into virtually any human cell or tissue. ...  | Read.. 
Last bid to save Anne Frank tree
Dutch conservationists fought a last-ditch court battle today to save the tree that comforted Anne Frank as she hid from the Nazis, after officials warned the diseased chestn ...  | Read.. 
Hundreds of Pak activists freed
Pakistan freed thousands of lawyers and Opposition activists held under emergency powers today as President Pervez Musharraf arrived in Saudi Arabia, where old foe Nawaz Shar ...  | Read.. 
Apex court to decide on Washington gun ban
The US supreme court said today it would decide whether handguns can be banned in the nationís capital, a case that could produce its first ruling in nearly 70 years on ...  | Read.. 
US actress Andie MacDowell at the New York premiere of The Savages. (AP)
Rare Rowling
Paper pig
Red row
First film
Drink rat milk: Heather
Heather Mills McCartney has urged people to drink milk from rats and dogs to help save the planet...  | Read.. 
Bangla plea for foreign aid
Bangladesh sought more foreign aid today to help thousands of survivors of Cyclone Sidr after the s..  | Read..