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Foxiest female
DJ Sassy P at Tantra. Picture by Rashbehari Das

DJ Sassy P is sassy all right, but she’s foxy too. She’s been described as the “world’s foxiest DJ” by For Him Magazine (FHM), an international monthly lad’s mag. t2 caught up with her spinning her stuff at Tantra last weekend...

Hmm… so you’re one of the world’s “foxiest” women'

They didn’t say one of them. They said ‘the’.

What kind of music turns you on'

Soul music. Al Green. I love Al Green. I love Marvin Gaye. Oh and Alicia Keys. What’s that song of hers' No one… (hums). I usually play them at the end of the night, regardless of what people think. I also play them in my car and bedroom.

What’s the worst one liner you’ve heard'

I can remember two. “Get your coat. We’re going home.” Another one asked me: “Have you Caribbean in you'... You want some'”

It must be tough being a pretty face behind the console. How do you handle the guys'

Well honestly, it’s not that bad. Guys get intimidated by the DJ… they don’t really wanna chat up.

And what if he’s hot'

I don’t fancy someone just like that. He’s gotta have more than looks. I don’t like guys who are full on, their charm lines put me off.

What song would you would want your lover to dedicate to you'

Between the sheets by Isley Brothers.

What magic can you work behind the console'

I basically play a lot of hip-hop. I mix a lot and can do a little scratching. A good DJ doesn’t plan. She takes it as it comes along. I play fast. It’s a style I picked up in New York.

Where do you feel people are really passionate about music'

New York. I love playing in New York.

What do you think of Bollywood music'

I like Ari Ari by Bombay Rockers. I love Bolly music and its fast beats. You can just start shaking as soon as you hear it. It mixes so well into hip-hop too.

Can you also dance'

A friend of mine taught me the soldier boy dance (giggles).

What have you noticed in India that you haven’t elsewhere'

There are so many dogs on the streets. I wish I could take all of them home. If I lived here I would be like Noah’s Ark, only it would be full of dogs. At home I have a wolf whose name is Bear.

You have a wolf named Bear'!

Yes, he’s adorable. He’s also got his own MySpace account.

What else does he do'

There was this time my friend came over and she had fake fur around her neck. And he was like ‘give it to me’. We couldn’t have enough of it. She doesn’t come around anymore.

Will your next song be an assimilation of woofs and growls'

Don’t put ideas into my head. Otherwise tomorrow I’ll be sampling animal sounds.

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