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Veil off cop dirty trick
Todi false-case finger at duo

Calcutta, Nov. 1: Ashok Todi has blamed the false complaints of abduction and theft he filed against Rizwanur Rahman on two senior IPS officers, CBI sources revealed.

On September 1, the day after his daughter Priyanka left home to be with her husband and he failed to convince her to return, Todi filed a missing persons complaint. This was followed by the complaints of abduction and theft of valuables.

“Ashok Todi broke down during interrogation and said Gyanwant Singh, the former deputy commissioner (headquarters), had instructed him to submit written complaints against Rizwanur so that they could proceed legally,” a CBI official said today.

“He said the officer assured him the complaint would help them threaten Rizwanur with arrest and put pressure on him to leave his wife.”

When contacted today by The Telegraph, Gyanwant refused to comment.

The matter was later forwarded to Ajoy Kumar, the then deputy commissioner (detective department), and he too asked Todi “to lodge an official complaint” with him before taking any action.

The Todis had approached the two officers and the then police commissioner, Prasun Mukherjee, to break up the marriage.

Former sub-inspector Krishnendu Das, who was transferred along with Gyanwant, Kumar and Prasun for meddling in the marriage, has corroborated Todi’s claim, the CBI official said. Krishnendu told interrogators the complaints were used to summon the couple to Lalbazar thrice.

On the last occasion, on September 8, Priyanka agreed to return to her parents after Kumar warned that Rizwanur would otherwise be arrested on the basis of Todi’s complaints. Rizwanur was found dead on September 21.

“We were asked by our bosses not to register any case on the basis of the complaint letters, only to keep them as record,” Das is quoted as telling the CBI.

Gyanwant also told Todi to suppress a four-page letter Priyanka had written to her father before leaving home on August 31, the official said. “Priyanka had informed her parents about her marriage with Rizwanur and also that she was leaving them to stay with her husband. She had mentioned Rizwanur’s address and his phone number.”

CBI sources said Todi had shown the letter to Gyanwant on September 1, who took it and told Pradip Todi — brother of Ashok — not to mention it to anyone.

Krishnendu has told the CBI his superiors gave him the letter. During interrogation, he handed it over along with some other documents.

In the letter — dated August 31, 2007 — Priyanka said she loved Rizwanur and had married him “willingly”.

“It is clear the two officers knew about the letter, but ignored it…. This is suppression of facts,” the CBI official said. The IPS officers also used the letter to create trouble for Rizwanur.

Pappu, a friend of the Rahmans who the Todis are alleged to have paid to break up the marriage, told The Telegraph Gyanwant had shown him the letter. “He called me up on September 4, asking me to meet him at Lalbazar. He showed me the letter written by Priyanka and asked me to show it to Rizwanur’s family.”

According to Pappu — Rizwanur’s brother Rukbanur has corroborated this — Priyanka wrote that her husband was willing to give up his religion. “The ploy was to implicate him in an abduction case and also make his life difficult at home by provoking his family against him,” the CBI official said.

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