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Priyanka: Dad wasn’t critical

Calcutta, Nov. 1: A CBI team this morning took Priyanka Todi’s two aunts to Ashok Todi’s Salt Lake home and spent nearly four hours there.

The aunts — Shobha Todi and Bela Murarka — had repeatedly requested Priyanka to return to her parents, according to Rizwanur Rahman’s family.

While interviewing the two women, who also live in Salt Lake, the CBI officers spoke to Priyanka for the second time.

A CBI officer said the team found some inconsistencies between the statements of family members and Priyanka. “We will match all the statements and may interview her again,” the officer said.

Following are excerpts from the 40-minute conversation with Priyanka, reconstructed on the basis of CBI sources’ accounts:

Q: Why did you leave Rizwanur’s home on September 8'

A: I was told that my father was critically ill and admitted to a nursing home.

Q: What did you find after reaching home'

A: My father returned home the next day and he was not critically ill.

Q: What did your father tell you when he returned home'

A: On September 9, my father returned. He told me he would take me to a holy place.

Q: Did you inform Rizwanur'

A: Yes, on the same day.

Q: Why did you leave the city on September 11 when you knew you would have to return to Rizwanur’s house after seven days'

A: I was told that we would return after a couple of days after offering puja in Tirupati.

Q: When did you last talk to Rizwanur'

A: On September 11, the day when we left for Tirupati.

Q: What did you tell him'

A: I told him that we would meet on September 16. That was our last conversation.

Q: Why did you not contact Rizwanur after that day'

A: My father told me that he was in touch with him and there was no problem. He also told me I would meet him after returning.

Q: How did you learn of Rizwanur’s death'

A: My father said Rizwanur met with an accident in the afternoon and, at night, I was told that he expired.

Q: Why didn’t you contact Rizwanur’s family members after returning'

A: I was not in a position… I was shocked and shattered.

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