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Photo album & us
The bulky photo album with a wooden frame, difficult to hold, is the only evidence that your father...  | Read.. 
A river runs through it
As Calcutta’s mayor joins ranks with conservationists in expressing concern over the havoc wreaked...  | Read.. 
Missing big stars of small screen
Ian industry where a new face is introduced every time you reach out for the remote, are heartthrobs easily forgotten' ...  | Read.. 
Revealing clothes & Rimmi
My favourite outfit: Jeans and T-shirt. I am not very comfortable in a salwar suit ...  | Read.. 
Vivek Agnihotri grabbed quite a few eyeballs with his debut feature, the lavishly mounted suspense thriller Chocolate...  | Read.. 
A woman’s tale
Rachita is a village belle who comes to big bad Calcutta ...  | Read.. 
From the floors
The spotlight is on tinsel town again, after Arjun Chakraborty’s Tolly Lights. ...  | Read.. 
Her hands are full
Koel Mullick has shaken off her slumber and gone on a signing spree. ...  | Read.. 
Say no to a sedentary life
Low back pain is the fifth leading cause of trips to the doctor in the US...  | Read.. 
Sachin Varma, consultant dermatologist, answers your skin queries
am 32 years and have good skin. Recently, I have seen that my lips are turning dark....  | Read.. 
Skills for snip success
The beauty industry is booming, and its most visible sign on the streets is...  | Read.. 
Mind your cellphone manners
At a Chamber of Commerce meeting in Calcutta some time ago, I had met Sunil Bharti Mittal ...  | Read.. 
Hungry, kya'
Monday was Karva Chauth. It’s the most important fast observed by Hindu women of north India. On this day, married women offer prayers ...  | Read.. 
Relax & rest
Peace and relaxation are very important in life. Many people sleep for hours but cannot relax.They do not know how to relax....  | Read.. 
Deja vu: No, this is not a still from Anjan Dutt’s forthcoming Hindi thriller BBD. This is, in fact, Anand L. Rai’s Strangers, which no ...  | Read