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He is an angel

Milind Soman raises a toast to Amber Dhara this week on Sony. He makes an angelic appearance in the Tuesday episode and helps the conjoined twins Amber and Dhara out of a tight spot.

In an emotional journey through life where Amber and Dhara, the conjoined twins, almost always find themselves looked upon as freaks, they chance upon good souls like Milind who are willing to give them the support they deserve.

“I am a guy they meet at the costume party, by accident. I am dressed like an angel. It is only one scene,”Milind tells us. “The writer of the serial, Anahata Menon, is a very good friend of mine and a very talented writer. She wanted me to do this scene and I said ‘yes’.”

Milind is all praise for Kashmira Irani and Sulagna Panigrahi who play Amber and Dhara. “The girls are very good. I was really happy to work with them. They are doing a good job. I think it is a very, very challenging role and they are doing it very well.”

In this episode, after escaping from the circus, Amber and Dhara land up at a costume party where they meet Milind. Before he helps them get away from trouble, he gives them a pep talk that can help them through life, head held high. “I chat with them about life and things in general and try to help them.”

Milind is hopeful that the serial will do well. “Sony is really encouraging work like this and I think that’s great. I think they are doing it very well. I am comfortable with it. But some people are not comfortable with it. They are showing it as it could be in real life. It’s good to show things that have not been shown before,” says the model-cum-actor.

So what’s next from his production house, E-Motion Pictures' “ I have this show called Hum Tum. We are doing this for a new channel, Zee Next. The channel is suppose to be launched in end-November.”

On the big screen, Milind has Pavan Kaul’s Bhram, which is complete, and Sanjeev Baalath’s The Flag which is under production.

Off-screen, Milind is busy with a whole lot of things. “I am building a spa outside Mumbai.... Yes, I am very very busy,” he laughs.

Before signing off, Milind gets back to Amber Dhara and the emotional bond he felt in that one scene. “Some people try and take advantage of people with certain disabilities, while some support them. They are showing all of that. There are different attitudes from different people. I think they are doing positive work,” he states.

The episode will be aired on October 30, 9pm.

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