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Old connections
The chanting still resonates in my ears. As, indeed, it should, for what could be more exotic than an Assamese Muslim reciting from a medieval Sanskrit poem to the glory of a king of now distant but once familiar “Cambuj-desa”, Cambodia, while refusi...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
God’s own country'
Sir — Two nomadic women were stripped and beaten by a crowd in a Kerala town on charges of petty th ...  | Read.. 
Hit and run
Sir — Recently an autorickshaw driver slapped a student when she protested against his slow drivin ...  | Read.. 
Not too many get a second chance in life. Benazir Bhutto, who was accorded a hero’s welcome, for the second time in two decad...| Read.. 
Unhappy lovers, this time on stage
Serendipitously, because they premiered before September 21, two Bengali productions touch upon the very issues of civil society that have outraged Calcutta's citizens si...  | Read.. 
Ghalib before the footlights
Ashimbandhu Bhattacharya, a brilliant kathak dancer and disciple of Birju Maharaj, presented his new production, Andaz E Ghalib, at Rabindra Sadan on August 26, ...  | Read.. 
Drama in the sounds of music
Prabahini’s presentation of Rabindranather Nataker Gaan at Rabindra Sadan on September 21 was a creditable effort to represent the poet’s creative range. Tagore was int...  | Read.. 
Tales from the first family
Without a doubt India’s first family is, and always has been, the Nehru-Gandhis. They produced three prime ministers, the fir...  | Read.. 
I don’t believe in publishers who wish to butter their bannocks on both sides while they’ll hardly allow an author to smell treacle. I consider they are too grabby together and like Methodists they love to keep the Sabbath and everything else they can lay their hands on. — AMANDA ROS