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Two steps back
The coalition government’s hesitation over India’s nuclear agreement with the United States of America has put off speculation about an imminent general election. No less than the chairperson of the United Progressive Alliance, Sonia Gandhi, has clar...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Malaise within
Sir — Police and education are the two test cases used by Dipankar Dasgupta to prove his point abou ...  | Read.. 
Body bold
Sir — Cambridge University students working as call girls to pay for their high tuition fees is not ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir — India is perhaps the only cricketing nation that persistently believes in ageing, malfunction ...  | Read.. 
Legend has it that it was the practice of virtuous kings to don the garb of commoners and mingle with ordinary people to gain...| Read.. 
There are not too many bedroom secrets that India’s married couples can share with the world. The discovery by the recently-c...| Read.. 
Search for a lost heritage
Art has always been the mainstay of the myriad cultures of India and it continues to be so. The greatest examples of human sk...  | Read.. 
Never too young to be sold
“Trafficking is about completely reducing accidents,” the smug, paunchy constable on the screen was saying, causing much amusement among the audience. But the laughter faded a...  | Read.. 
So many stars, so little light
John Abraham owes me a dinner. Had it not been for him, I would have had dinner at Delhi’s posh Ashok Hotel instead of the roadside fish tikka that I finally had. Alrig...  | Read.. 
Having a character that consists mainly of defects, I try to correct them one by one, but there are limits to the altitude that can be attained by hauling on one’s own boot-straps. — CLIVE JAMES