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Coming out day
Aravind Kumar Rajendran, 27, sheepishly admits to having a fondness for dolls. “I had a Barbie doll as a kid. I used to love playing with it till I was about 12 years old.” Quite a gender-bender — not many people are &#...  | Read.. 
AB at 65
In most westernised cultures with high life expectancy, 65 is the designated retirement age. Today, Amitabh Bachchan turns 65 ...  | Read.. 
Mithun vs Mithun
From a small-time goon to an MLA and a home minister, Fatakesto’s careergraph soared with MLA Fatakesto and its s ...  | Read.. 
Gold glitter
What: Auditions India workshop with NIFT students....  | Read.. 
The celebration of space
Old buildings are falling like nine pins in Calcutta. Neither planners, nor...  | Read.. 
Party time
Push open the metallic bisazza door, pass through the red-textured tunnel, ...  | Read.. 
bridal finery
My engagement is in a few months. The theme is Love Is In The Air. I ...  | Read.. 
The fashion-conscious Swastika Mukherjee morphs into a hoochseller in Kali-Sankar, where she romances local goon Sankar (Anubhav). ...  | Read
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