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fly away

Across the ocean

A godwit, it was confirmed recently, makes the longest uninterrupted migratory flight in the world. A female bar-tailed godwit, known as E7, landed after taking just over eight days to fly 11,500 km from Alaska to New Zealand. The bird crossed the distance without making any stop for food or water, unlike seabirds. The champion bird was one of the 13 satellite-tagged bar-tails that left New Zealand earlier this year. In addition to establishing the birdís tremendous sense of endurance, the journey also confirms that godwits make the southbound annual migratory trip right across the Pacific rather than along the East Asian coast. Rob Schuckard of the Ornithological Society of New Zealand said that the entire distance covered by the bird is equivalent to a human running 70 km per hour for more than seven days. Isnít that a mighty feat'

queer house

All in a bottle

A Serbian professor has made himself a rather unusual home. Tomislav Radovanovic from the central town of Kragujevac, celebrated his retirement by building a 60-sq m house made entirely of used plastic bottles. It took 13,500 bottles, which he has been collecting for years, to build it. Apart from its concrete base, it has everything ófrom the kitchen furniture to the windows ó made out of plastic bottles. Now thatís some recycling effort!

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