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Ration flames singe CPM in rice bowl
The ration rage sweeping south Bengal turned on the CPM today with mobs who attacked dealers also torching a party office in Burdwan and beating up an MLA and other leaders....  | Read.. 
Party scurries to wash hands of dealer taint
The CPM has suddenly woken up to the fact that many ration dealers, under attack for alleged corruption, are party membe ...  | Read.. 
State flouts backward quota rule
The school education department has been accused of “blatantly flouting” reservation rules by not recruiting a ...  | Read.. 
Veil of peace ripped off Nandigram
A 75-year-old woman sitting in her courtyard was riddled with bullets and a 10-year-old girl suffered serious injuries in Na ...  | Read.. 
Hari, the civet brought up by a Santhal woman who fed it her milk, is getting ready for a new home. ...  | Read
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