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Pundits say that Coco Chanel’s ‘little black dress’ has been the most influential garment designed in the last century. But for Swati Gautam, lingerie expert and t2 columnist, “the humble brassiere” wins hands down. &#...  | Read.. 
Man of the moment
A five-hour-long show with actors and directors sharing their experiences, anchored by Aparna Sen and peppered with song and dance. ...  | Read.. 
A tale of tenderness
Bypassing Bollywood, Tollywood has set its sight on Hollywood. ...  | Read.. 
‘I Want to be Dylan’
Naseeruddin Shah’s son IMAAD SHAH cannot celebrate the success ...  | Read.. 
Feel-good factor
What: Opening of Aura, luxury day spa and gym. Where: The Park. ...  | Read.. 
Festive fashion
What: Fashion for Festivity. Where: RCGC. When: Saturday....  | Read.. 
Leather-on-willow lexicon
Following the 20/20 euphoria, let’s see what’s happened back in the office. ...  | Read.. 
Virtual reality
They have just opened the E-Mall near our office. I was very excited. Finally, a mall in Calcutta with a virtual dimension, ...  | Read.. 
Pain drain
I am a 32-year-old male. There has been a pain in my heels for the past two months. I have tried various pain-relieving gels...  | Read.. 
Man of the moment